Automatic stainer for histological, cytological and histochemical stainings on slide, ideally suited for Anatomic Pathology labs. The flexibility of the software and reliability of manufacture, Giotto is suggested for both small and big routine, ensuring staining quality invariably outstanding and reproducible.


Reagent level detection system constantly maintains reagents and stains at an adequate level

STAIN ID technology: technology that automatically identifies handles and related protocols

Noiseless robotic arm highly efficient allows swift and precise movement and reproduces manual racks movement maintaining cleaner both reservoirs and instrument

S3, Simultaneous Staining Scheduler: innovative software for an optimized management of racks, ensuring staining priorities and timings

Water Pressure System: sensor reporting a possible missing water flow

Smart LED System: system status controlled by a smart system that warns operator with acoustic and visual signals

Design and manufacture Made in Italy


Technical features

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1040x620x770 mm

Weight: 95 kg

Overall reservoirs : 40

Reservoir capacity: 450 ml

Giotto Automatic Stainer