The new Diapath manual staining set has been designed to help laboratory technicians in routine cytological and histological staining procedures and to meet the need of reagent consumption optimization.

Technical features

Manual staining set allows reagent-saving thanks to reservoir capacity.


– 1 device made of stainless steel with 12 positions

– 12 reservoirs, made of ABS, 250 ml capacity with snap closure lid

– 1 rack for 24 slides, made of ABS

Dimensions: 690x200x140 mm (WxDxH)




Technical features

Manual staining set with 12 reservoirs of 450 ml capacity.


– 1 stainless steel structure – 12 slots (680x180x160 mm)

– 12 staining reservoirs in pronted PET of 450 ml each

– 1 rack slide holder, 30 slides each

– 1 stainless steel handle for rack