Tissue floating bath DPH 35


Floating bath for flattering out and drying histological sections.

– Casing made of stainless steel

– Dazzle-free water surface illuminated from below

– Pyrex removable glass tray

– Digital electronic temperature control with probe and safety interlock

– Generous surface for slide accomodation


Dimensions: 330x400x1125 mm (WxDxH)

Working temperature range: from room temeprature to 60°C


Technical features

DPH 35 is a floating bath, to stretch out the histological sections embedded into the paraffin, after the cutting on the microtome. The tank in pyrex glass contains the water to stretch out the histological sections. The temperature is detected by a probe.


Stretching table DPH 40


Hot plate for drying tissue sections on slides.

Safe and great drying

Electronic temperature control adjustment and indication via digital display

Safety thermostat dial

Dimensions: 250x200x80 mm (WxDxH)

Working temperature: from room temperature to 70°C

Technical features

DPH 40 hot plate is used in histology, pathology, cytology and bacteriology labs, for drying tissue sections slide.