Technical features

Tiziano is an automatic stainer for special stainings, H&E, and intraoperative stainings, ideal for use in Anatomic Pathology, Cytology, and Microbiology laboratories. Due to its intuitive software and its small size, an extremely versatile and low maintenance instrument optimizes the space inside the laboratory.
The automation allows a reduction in time by the operator eliminating manual processes and ensuring the standardization and reproducibility of the results.


  •          Ultra Compact Automatic Stainer for special stains, H&E and intraoperative stains
  •          Stain up to 10 slides simultaneously
  •          Standardized and tested pre-installed protocols can be modified according to           the laboratory’s preferences
  •          Color touchscreen tablet
  •          Acoustic signals
  •          4 agitation modes
  •          Open system compatible with common reagents on the market
  •          Software provided with an intuitive user interface
  •          Reduces manual labor and increases laboratory productivity

Tiziano - Ultra Compact Automatic Stainer